Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Nassib Chamoun,  Founder & CEO

After 25 years as an Inventor and Executive in the Life Sciences industry with a passion for predictive analytics Nassib founded G6 Data Sciences to explore and develop solutions across a number of industries. G6 Capital Management was the first entity spun off to focus on quantitative Investment Solutions and has been actively managing private investments since 2013. Subsequently, G6 spun out Health Data Analytics Institute to focus on utilizing Healthcare data to transform data the data into synthesized solutions for an array of applications across many industries and society.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Robert Cormier, COO

With 17+ years of broad management experience in the Medical Device industry Bob joined Nassib in 2012 to form G6 Data Sciences and together for the last 5 years they have continued to optimize the operations and build out the foundational platforms. Prior to G6, Bob has worked for a number of Medical Device companies with a focus on business development, finance and strategic planning.